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Alonso Wilson de Briano
and his Winsor Style

Mokomizik Records is proud to present the first ever reissue of the ultra-rare Latin Calypso Jazz masterpiece - The Fantastic Variety in the Music of Panama - The Winsor Style and Calypso Impressions.


Privately released in 1961 by Panamanian arranger, pianist, and singer/songwriter Alonso Wilson De Briano, the album had all but fallen into obscurity for many years, with only very few record collectors able to enjoy Alonso’s music. 

Alonso’s compositions are a blend of West-Indian, Afro-Cuban and Panamanian folk musical styles. He described Panama as a country "with a foot in each side", referring to its unique geography that connects North and South America. The blending of Latin and English-speaking cultures had a big influence on Alonso. From the upbeat mambo rhythms of "Amigo" to the unusual combination of Calypso and Tamborera styles used in "My Brother, Too," Alonso weaves a rich musical tapestry into his arrangements.


Back in 50s Panama, Alonso enjoyed success locally, with the likes of Orquesta Armando Boza and Tito Contreras performing his songs. So distinctive were his compositions that people had started referring to them by their own style - El stylito Winsor (the Winsor style), a reference to a club that Alonso had performed at. Throughout his music career, Alonso worked with a number of renowned musicians, several of whom appear on the record, including Cuban-Jazz pioneer Arsenio Rodríguez's main bassist, Alfonso Joseph; and saxophonist and flutist Gene Jefferson to name a few.

Sadly, not many copies remain of Alonso's music today and the few that have surfaced over the years have naturally demanded high asking prices and are highly sought after by record collectors. This reissue aims to shed new light on Alonso's work and make it available for a new generation of listeners to enjoy. It is available as a limited edition 180g LP along with an insert featuring a biography of Alonso and restored images. 






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